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Re: Color Ink Alternatives?

Raphael Bustin wrote:

> At 11:14 PM 8/29/01 -0500, Tom Keesling wrote:
>  >It seems to me that either the MIS or the Gen4 are most often
>  >recommended. Does anyone have any comments on either of these or any
>  >other alternatives to recommend?
> Both inks are likely to disappoint you if you
> like the look of dye ink on glossy paper.
> rafe b.

Yes, and possibly compared to dye ink on matte paper.  However, when I
switched to
Generations on matte from Archiva, I was braced to be disappointed.  I
to have a result that I was going to have to adjust to, to accept.  And I
was very very
pleasantly surprised!  I got prints that impressed me immediately, and
haven't really
missed the dye inks at all.  If you're stuck on glossy paper, though,
it's a different story.
And a good profile is essential.

James Irelan

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