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Re: Cannon s800 printers instead of epsons

<x-flowed>At 10:19 PM -0400 8/29/01, John Mills wrote:
>Another comparison to keep in mind...
>Many users have one color that runs much more frequently than others
>For example:
>A use of the S800 uses up 5 yellow cartridges in a given period
>and an owner of, say a Stylus Photo 1270, empties out the yellow
>chamber in the T009 cartridge 5 times in the same period.
>Using the costs below lets look at replacement costs to replenish
>the yellow during that period.
>S800 User - 5 Yellow Tanks x $11.99 = $59.95
>Stylus Photo 1270 User - 5 T009 Cartridges x $29.99 = $149.95
>In effect, an S800 user would still have $90.00 towards
>buy about 7 other combination of colors as needed.
>So the S800 does offer an immediate cost savings if a user
>tends to print more of one color than another.

You have actually estimated relative costs (savings) for Canon under 
an extreme assumption that only one color (yellow, say) is ever used. 
Let's assume that the "monochromaticity factor" is actually a more 
realistic 5X (yellow used 5X more than each other color.) This 
introduces the requirement that quite soon after the 5th tank of 
(Canon) yellow is started, the Canon printer must replace all 4 tanks 
of the "other" colors in order to continue printing. So now the cost 
of Canon ink replacement is not a linear function of yellow useage 
(as with the Epson), but has sudden "surges" of cost (for 4 tanks) 
periodically. In this scenario, over time, it appears that the 
Canon's ink cost comes to about 72% of the Epson's, which is quite a 
bit more than the 40% you calculated for yellow-only printing.  I 
tried to illustrate this (below) in an ascii plot of ink cost vs 
units of yellow in, where the Epson cartridges are "e", the Canon 
yellow tanks are "c", and the "C" is when the 4 other colors tanks 
are replaced (simultaneously).

I believe that the costs should become roughly equal when the "yellow 
rate" falls to around 2.5X

I don't recall what is the relative output in prints (i.e., # per set 
of Canon tanks vs. per Epson cartridge), which naturally is an 
important additional factor to consider. Does a Canon tank contain 
about the same ink volume as the corresponding color in a T009 


crude ascii plot of ink "cost" vs number of yellow units used 
(assuming yellow used 5X faster than all others)

                           e             c
                         e          C
                   e             c
                 e           c
               e        c
             e     C
       e          c
     e       c
   e    c
e c
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