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Re: C80... CIS?

<x-flowed>>At 04:31 PM 8/29/01 -0400, Carillon, Bruce wrote:
>>Based an what we know... will the C80 be able to use a CIS system? I
>>currently have a 900 and love my CIS from NoMoreCarts! If it's possible for
>>the C80 to utilize a CIS, I'm all over it. The improved speed is what I'm
>>looking for!
>It sounds like a good part of what makes the C80
>special is the pigment ink.  So, even if someone
>comes up with a CIS for it, where are you going
>to get the equivalent of Epson's ink for this
>With older Epsons (1160 and older) there was never
>any claim of "lightfastness" for the ink -- so we
>were free to experiment with 3rd party inks.
>With the 1270 and beyond, the situation changes,
>and the ink is an integral part of the product.
>A CIS for the C80 seems to me almost irrelevant.

I second the motion. We have a CIS for sale for the 2000P, in fact 
we've had it for about a month, but it was only yesterday that we put 
it on the web site. I just kept thinking: "why? why pay twice as much 
for a 2000P, which is slower and has larger dots, when you can get a 
1270 and use a CIS in that?"

Despite the problems with metamerism and Epson's inks it's my opinion 
that you still won't get close to Epson's color with 3rd party inks.

If you want a CIS and 3rd party inks, get a 980, the improvement in 
speed for the C80 isn't worth the hassle, or waiting for someone to 
make a CIS for it.

On the other hand: If you want the new features of the C80, get one. 
I'm positive eventually there will be a CIS for it. If you want inks, 
buy the 10000's pigmented cartridges, they have 500ml in each of them!
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