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Re: Fuji Frontier Printing System-Ritz

<x-flowed>>At 08:42 PM 8/28/2001 -0700, Daniel Bottner wrote:
>>>>>Yea, its called sRGB.   They use a standard profile and I would 
>>>>>presume if their software sees a profile tag it recognizes, it 
>>>>>would use it.  However, play it safe and give them sRGB files.
>>>Their employees are not going to set and apply a different profile 
>>>by hand, they send the RGB values to the printer as is and the 
>>>printer using sRGB color space does its thing.
>>   I can promise you the Fuji engineers are much too intelligent to 
>>be caught using the sRGB color space.
>>   The guys who came up with the sRGB are laughing so hard right now 
>>they have fallen out of their chairs. They knew the general public 
>>would fall for this one and you are making it all to obvious!!!
>On the d1scussion list, a list for the Nikon D1 family, we have a 
>lot of ICC profile people who know profiling really well.  They have 
>taken the posted Frontier profile on Fuji's site and taken it apart. 
>It is for all practical purposes the same gamut as sRGB.

CDTobie was very in his statement as to Fuji's true color space.

>Now think about this for a second.    Why does sRGB exist?   To be a 
>standard.   Consumer dit-cams us sRGB.  Most scanner's scan sRGB. 
>Most output devices know how to handle sRGB.   When Nikon or Olympus 
>comes out with a camera for the consumer, not the ICC profile 
>expert, they want a camera whos pics are going to look good on 
>screen and in turn Fuji wants the consumer's prints to match what 
>was on screen.

This would a very poor business decision on their part. If you are 
totally happy with the last product you bought it would be a very 
long time till you replaced it. Follow the Dollar...

>How do they do this?   Use a common STANDARD color space, in this case sRGB.
>Rob Miracle
>Photographic Miracles
>203 Carpenter Brook Dr.
>Apex, NC 27502
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