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Re: Cannon s800 printers instead of epsons

<x-flowed>rafe b. wrote:
>At 11:01 AM 8/27/01 -0700, Bob Meyer wrote:
>>Why?  Look where you asked a question about Canon
>>printers.  That's right, the Epson list.  Nowhere have
>>I found a resource for Canon printers that comes close
>>to matching this resource for Epsons.
>And I'm still delighted to see Canon offering a
>strong contender in the photo-inkjet market.  The
>S600 has some features that we Epsonites have
>sorely missed:
>* easily removable printhead, for routine
>   maintenance or replacement
>* individual carts for each color
>* carts easily refilled with liquid ink --
>   no CIS or "vacuum" technology needed
>* optical sensing of ink level in each cart
>What I haven't seen from Canon yet is a model
>to match or beat the 1160/1270/1280 series of

Agreed!  I've praised the Canon printers and their "Think Tank" 
system and their removable head technology in the past.  I also agree 
that the 780 and 1280 "photo" model printers are still way ahead of 
Canon and anyone else in image quality.

The editors of MACWORLD magazine agree with me:

In the August 2001 issue (p. 61) They gave the The Epson Stylus Photo 
789 the "Editors' Choice" award (with 4 and 1/2 mice) over the Canon 
S800, the Epson Stylus Photo 1280, the HP Photosmart 1218 and the 
Kodak Person Picture maker 200:

"For photographic output, this was the clear winner among the five 
photo printers we tested. Although slow, it produced the best 
high-resolution prints. It is also the least expensive model in its 
category."  --Bruce Fraser

The notable Bruce Frazer chose the the 780 over the 1280 based not on 
output quality and performance (they are virtually the same), but due 
to the 780's price to performance ratio, vs. the 1280's price to 
performance ratio for tha sam 8.5" x 11" output.

Concerning the 780's slow speed, Bruce also mentioned, "You can 
increase your printer's speed by lowering the resolution setting, but 
remember that this will also image quality. The notable exceptions to 
this were the [Epson] Stylus Photo printers: we could see very little 
difference between their output at 2880 by 720 dpi and at 1440 by 720 

So even the concern over the 780's slower speed are not even an 
issue, because if the 780 (and the 1280) had been tested at 1440 dpi, 
they would still have produced better photo quality output than the 
other printers and would have taken equal near equal printing times 
or even less.

BTW, the MacWorld editors gave the Epson 780 this award based on 
performance and a street price of $149 -- which is now even lower, at 
$99 (what a steal!)

Royce Bair, Director
Inkjet Art Solutions (a division of The Stock Solution)

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