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Re: Wiziwyg Profiler for sale

>On Mon, 27 Aug 2001 22:11:42 -0500,
>"Barry Stein" <bstein@tntech.edu>, wrote:
>> I have a copy of Wiziwyg profiling software and the  IT-8 target for sale
>> anyone is looking for an inexpensive way to build scanner based profiles.
>> The price is $40 which is half of the regular price.  Please respond off
>> list if you are interested or have questions.
At 04:22 PM 28/08/2001 +0100, Alan Rew wrote:
>For those unfamiliar with WiziWYG, it's worth pointing out that the software
>is a free download from the PraxiSoft web site; all you pay for is the
>WiziWYG-specific IT8 card. I'm not questioning Barry's integrity here, I'm
>just pointing out a strange-but-true fact about this profiling solution.
>Given my own spectacular lack of success with this package, then if I were
>of a cynical turn of mind I'd assume that by issuing 'free' software they
>are making sure you can't ask for your money back if it doesn't work ;-) But
>then of course I don't think like that...

Sure glad you're not cynical Alan :)

I'm using WiziWYG with Generations4 and getting good results from the Wizi
profiles after a bit of tweaking.  I'm not suggesting WiziWYG is the best
profiling solution, but it can work well with a compatible scanner (a Umax
Astra 2000P is working for me), attention to detail, and some tweaking of
the profiles.

I will suggest the Wizi, specially at $40, is the best bang for the buck
profiler around.

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