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Re: Cannon s800 printers instead of epsons

<x-flowed>At 10:39 AM 8/28/01 -0400, Jim Wingo wrote:

 >7) Cost of ownership (regardless of advertising hype related to the
 >perceived cost benefits of individual tanks, in the actual costs incurred
 >in putting ink on paper, Epson is among the least expensive - in the case
 >of the 1270/80 one can buy nearly three complete color carts for the cost
 >of one color set for the Canon S800 -

What is the basis for this observation?  A set of carts for
the S600 costs almost exactly the same as a set for the
1160, and as far as I can tell, the ink volumes are about
the same.  If anything, the Canon seems more efficient
in its use of ink (more pages per set of carts.)

 >also, the perceived value of having a
 >user replaceable printhead is lost on me; after all, does this not imply
 >that the NEED for replacement is likely? I have rarely heard of 1160s or
 >1270/80s that need replacing even after many, many thousands of prints;
 >believe me, if head replacement was a common occurance, we would have heard
 >about it here)

Not just replacement, but for routine cleaning.  Eg., no need to
try to shimmy a paper towel under the heads to clean a surface
you can't get to.  Clogged heads are endemic on Epsons -- not
so on Lexmark and HP printers, where each cart contains a new
printhead chip.

 >8) Proven in practice (I know of no printers at the <$500 price point that
 >enjoy the wide acceptance among users who earn their living from putting
 >ink on paper as the 1160 and 1270/80s do)

Are you certain that HPs are not used in that capacity?

I'm not denying the strengths of Epson printers that we all know
and love.  I'm saying that Canon has some very smart ideas
and very nice print quality built into these new printers.

rafe b.

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