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Re: C80

Exactly on 8/28/01 12:53 AM, Jim Wingo, in part, typed thusly...

> What gives is that Epson is notoriously slow in getting information on to
> their website. One example can be found in Epson's scanners: in July they
> announced five new scanners in three series - 1250, 1650, and 2450 - and
> they started a rebate program for the 1250 on August 15. Yet none of these
> scanners have shown up in retail and no information about them can be found
> on the website.

Probably the same mentality that set up their Tech Support E-mail. I have
left them multiple messages, some I later truncated in hopes I would
actually get a Tech Support person to answer my question. But no, I never
got a personal response. All I ever got was a computer-generated response
based on key words, nothing worthwhile. [sigh]

They are notoriously slow, and totally worthless.

Please, somebody. Give me a reason to replace my aged Stylus 800 with a
printer from some other manufacturer. Cannon? Hewlett-Packard? Afga? I
dunno, but the Epson people are turkeys. Too much profit, too little
customer support.

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