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Re: Cannon s800 printers instead of epsons

<x-flowed>At 09:58 AM 8/28/01 -0500, Jerry Olson wrote:

 >Rafe, why is a CIS not needed with canon? are their ink tanks that big?
 >Also, they don't make a 13x44 inch printer, do they?  No quad system
 >either, right? They don't seem to be targeting photographers at all.

No CIS needed because it's a trivial matter to squirt a
dozen cc of liquid ink into any ink cart if/when it runs
dry.  You could do it with the cart in place in the printer,
or remove it -- either way.  The carts are a snap to
remove, and should be a snap to refill.

The BJC-8500 is a 13"-wide printer.  I don't know about
the max print length on that model.  It is an expensive beast --
lists for $2K, street price around $1100.  I did allow, in an
earlier post, that Canon has nothing at the moment that
really competes with the Epson 1160/1270/1280.

Quad system?  Does "Epson" have a quad system?
Which 3rd-party add-on are you refering to?

Actually, the smaller Canons (S600 and S800) are being
directly targeted to photographers, in Canon's adverts,
in numerous photo magazines.

rafe b.

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