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RE: Cannon s800 printers instead of epsons

Epson do not supply quad inks - it's 3rd parties that have latched onto the
demand for these things. Obviously for quality photo printing Epson got
there first, and a large infrastructure has been built around their steadily
evolving products. Canon have at least now cracked the quality issue, and it
remains to be seen how their products evolve - they certainly have a
wide-platen printer lined up for release soon. 

I see no reason why quad inks etc. won't all become available in due course
- if you need them NOW, then Epson is probably the right/only choice. But a
bit of competition is no bad thing, and that needs a decent, similarly
informed user community to start for Canon.

Brian Smith

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How about quad inks, archival inks, large panoramic prints, etc?


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