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RE: underwelmed by thumbnail software

ThumbsPlus 4.5, (PC Only) http://www.cerious.com/ $80US

Cumulus 5 (PC and MAC). http://www.canto.com $99US / $99US 

Portfolio 5.0, (PC and MAC) http://www.extensis.com $99US

FotoStation 4.5, (PC and MAC) http://www.fotostation.com/main.asp $99US

IMatch 3.0, (PC Only) http://www.photools.com $49US 

ThumbsPlus has a very loyal following, but it's user interface is not my
taste.  I used Portfolio for quite a while with good results, it is very
close to being excellent, which drove me crazy and unfortunately,
Extensis doesn't seem very interested in fixing it's flaws.  I currently
use Cumulus which I have grown to like more than Portfolio, I was forced
into it at first since it is one of only 2 choices for the raw NEF files
that my Nikon D1X produces.  I have't used FotoStation much, so can't
really comment.  IMatch is not very well known but it is EXCELLENT.  I
would be using it in a second if it supported Nikons NEF files (it may
in the near future), check it out for sure.


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