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1520 & 1280/90 spoolers

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I have been irritated for years by omissions in the design of the 1520
spooler (v2.2.3), and feel sure that someone somewhere has worked out the
answers to the following:

1  how to rename the filenames the spooler provides; ie the source file name
of kelpt-after-printing files; often I print off several versions of a
single source file and then can't tell one apart from the other in the

2  how to arrange multiple prints from a single retained printed spool file,
to allow a one final print before commiitment to many further ones?

3  how to move the spool directory without losing the list of spool files?

4  how to sort the spooler file list by eg name?

5  how to adjust field widths in the spooler display?

And: does the 1280/90 spooler help with these refinements?

With anticipatory thanks

John Bunney

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