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Re: 1270 vs. 1280; old vs. new?

<x-charset Windows-1252>Phil:

The 1160 is a 4pl 4-color printer and does a fine
job printing.  It does NOT have the chip on the
ink cartridges which makes it very easy to adapt
to CIS units.  Also, using the same inkset in a 4
color vs a 6 color, you theoretically will get
better lightfastness with the 4 color inks.  The
two diluted inks in the 12XX printers fades the

I have compared the same image from my 1160 to my
1270 and see very little difference when using the
same paper.  There is some evidence of more subtle
gradations in the lighter colored areas of the
image with the 1270, due to the two extra colors.
On the other hand, most agree that the images are
somewhat sharper using the 1160.  As usual, no
perfect machine.

It is only recently that a CIS system has been
developed to handle the chipped cartridges, so
what you remember about the older models is now
mostly passee.  One other thing...Black and white
inksets are much easier to develop for the 4 color
printers, which may have also been part of what
you are remembering.

Choices, choices, choices.

bob snow

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Subject: 1270 vs. 1280; old vs. new?

I seem to remember that a lot of list members
prefer older models, such as
the 1160.  Could someone please resfresh my memory
as to why?
Also, what are the differences between a 1270 and
a 1280?  I recently saw
some 1270 models for sale.

Btw, I'm looking to print photo-quality images
only, hardly any text ever,
and I think the 25yr. print life span you get with
these models is probably
enough for me.

Thanks for any opinions/info.


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