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Re: PS/memory/printing problems help!


There is an extension or an application that has to do with printing where
you need to increase the memory, but I can't seem to remember what it's
called. There must be someone on the list who could tell you.

I have also increased the memory of the Epson namer application on the
harddrive, but am not sure if that's necessary.

Also if you have given PS most of the memory is there enough for your
printer to print such large files (I know yours are large).

Please someone help this member, he has a show in a few days!

Ursula Freer

> I'm running out of things to try.
> After having a run of problems where Photoshop would do an unexpected
> quit when trying to print (Mac),
> and where I found ways to solve that, now I'm getting a new one:
> "insufficient memory for that
> operation (printing)- try quitting other running applications".  But
> there are no other running apps.
> I've tried everything I can think of short of reinstalling PS, which I
> guess I'll try next unless someone
> can suggest something.  I've cleared every cache I can think of, I've
> optimized disks, I've checked every
> way I can think of that no other apps are running, I've reduced PS's
> memory allocation- and this is
> all after I've already printed these files before.  Yes, they're big,
> but they've printed several times in
> the past with no problem.  Any ideas appreciated.
> thanks,
> James Irelan

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