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Re: Genuine Fractals - Yet Another Test/Opinion - a 4X comparison

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on 8/21/01 1:54 PM, Kennedy McEwen at rkm@kennedym.demon.co.uk wrote:

> In article <3B8189AA.CD858D2A@pacbell.net>, Marius Johnston
> <mariusj@pacbell.net> writes
>> Wire Moore wrote:
>>>> From Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology
>>> pixel [piksīl]  ( pc | mac )   Computer Technology. the smallest element of
>>> a display image, corresponding to a single displayed spot or color triad on
>>> a display, or to a single input spot from a camera. (A word coined from the
>>> phrase picture element.) Also, PICTURE ELEMENT.
>> Excellent! And so it be :-)
> Read the words Marius, it states quite clearly that it is a property of
> the image, not the hardware.
> Correspondence is NOT identity.  For example, [...]

So your final position, Kennedy, is that the statement "the smallest element
of _a_display_image_ corresponding to [manifest as] a single displayed spot
or triad color triad on a display, or to a single input spot from a camera"
is not a definition in terms of hardware?

I am now happily done with this discussion.



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