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Color Photo 1200 and Clogging - Looking for advice

I browse the archive of the list and it appears that Epson printers are
reporting to have frequent cloggin of the jets. It seems that ESC 1200
likes clogging !
My 1200 present a lot of clogging, with compatible inks cartridges, with
Epson cartridges, with a CIS from InkService (in France). After one day
powered off , after the prime cycling of Power on I still have some nozzles
I read a lot of things concerning pigmented and non-pigmented inks behavior
for what conern clogging.
What brand of ink in bulk give good results (no more or clogging) while
having a good gammut ?
Piezography, Lysonic, Fotonic, Generation, MIS, .... ?
MTIA for any advice
Gerard Mantoux

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