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RE: Archival Matte Problem

An update, and additional questions...

Some have suggested off-list that I may be seeing microbanding. I guess I'd
like to see an example of microbanding, because the problem I'm seeing isn't
at all subtle! One can see the lines easily from 18" away.

It was also suggested that I try adjusting the paper thickness lever. I'll
try that & report my findings.

Another person commented that I may have an alignment problem. Perhaps, but
I only see this with Archival Matte paper, and only when using the "black"
setting (as opposed to "color") in the print driver. If I print to
Heavyweight Matte using similar settings (and only black ink), the problem
doesn't appear.

Note that these white lines go in the direction of the print head - across
the page, not down the page.

Also, I ran the 1270 through a cleaning cycle and printed the test pattern,
which looks fine. (I use plain inkjet paper, not photo paper, when I print
the test pattern.)

My question is about the pizza-wheel issue. I have never paid much attention
to it, so I don't really know what it looks like. I have the impression that
pizza wheel tracks don't run across the page, they run "down" the page. If
this is true, I'm dealing with something else...

Thanks again for all your help!

-- Jim Warthman

> -----Original Message-----
> I decided to try this with Archival Matte, but I have a
> persistent problem. I get very fine white lines running "across"
> the image (not down).

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