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Re: Re;microbanding solution for some

Andy D'Angelo wrote:

> After a  long stretch of perfect printing, my 1160 seemed to be printing (or
> missing) very thin strips of detail; horizontal bands of light value , it
> seemed regularily spaced but noticable  in the light to mid tone values.
> Nozzel/head checks were all ok....it was more evident with certain papers
> than others, and at different paper thickness settings.
> After much anxiety I re-read Cones troubleshooting section and noticed
> printer cables MIGHT be a cause. In the process of troubleshooting THIS lead
> I disconnected the printer cable (USB)from a HUB, and uncoiled the cable (
> stuck behung other desktop hardware)...reconnected the cable directly into
> the computer and quess what?????? FIXED......I am in the proicess of
> determining if the hub was the problem or the coiled cable.
>  On a side note ,I had previously determined that Flu. desktop fixtures do
> NOT like being near printers.

Also check to see that in resizing a file you haven't wound up with a
with some decimal places.  All my microbanding problems have been file-related-

a bad scan; or choosing the wrong printer profile or "same as source" instead
"printer color management"; or, most recently, when I found that the resolution

had somehow gotten to 359.342 or something.  Changing it to 360 and letting the

dimensions shift to wherever fixed the problem.

James Irelan

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