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Re: 1280/MIS CFS trouble

<x-charset Windows-1252>hmm...using color inks for B&W prints on a 1270 will drive you mad.
It did me.  I gave up trying and started using black ink only.  That
means I get a gritty look because of the dither pattern.  It works for
some images but not all.  A dedicated B&W printer will eventually
solve this.

The air in the heads could be caused by the cartridge lifting slightly
on the inlet tubes.  It will also happen if you remove and replace the
cartridge, as in using the reset method which involves a second set of
cartridges.  I've experienced both of these problems and just got used
to running a couple cleaning cycles whenever I had to.  This still
doesn't sound like your issue though, because you say the nozzle
checks are good.  It must be a difference in the inks then.  With
possibly 3 Epson inks out there, and your now using MIS inks, this is
probably unavoidable.  It will definitely show up more on grayscale
images because the prints tend to have a range of color crossovers in
them anyway.  Not sure what to suggest now, short of profiling

Good luck with it.

--James Hill
Freelance Photographer
Mebane, NC

> James, yes I have run plenty of cleaning cycles and nozzle checks
> they all came back clean. Yes I am using MIS inks.
> I have heard something about ' air at the print heads' . What does
> mean ?
> I am positive all the settings for paper , profile etc. were set
> correct.
> I was talking about minor color shift . I can see them mostly in
> and white prints.

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