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re: 1280/MIS CFS trouble

I had a similar problem as you are experiencing.  I solved my air leaks with super-glue and a generous amount of hot glue also.  You can tell if your ink keeps retreating back to individual bottles you still have a leak.  Some inks will more more than others, but it seems normal.

As for the color.  I had two bottles from MIS that were mis-labeled.  I would print a purge 6 tif on heavy weight matte paper using 1440 Heavy Weight matte as the media, high speed off, etc..  Mail me that print and I will compare it against one I have with both OEM ink and MIS inks.  I can tell you if your ink color is off enough to be your problem.

It took me 7 weeks to fix my issues.  Will see if we can fix yours in a couple of days.


 >>  I keep having trouble with the 1280/ MIS CFS system :
 >>  After the initial installation there were numerous air leaks which I
 >>  fixed by putting more and more hot glue around the fittings on top of
 >>  the cartridge. Now it seems to be tight , I pressure checked it several
 >>  times with the syringe. But there are still tiny air bubbles in the
 >>  tubes that don't seem to disappear.
 >>  I  ordered a custom profile for these inks and the prints looked great,
 >>  really neutral at first but now there are color shifts again.
 >>  so here are my questions :
 >>  How do I get rid of the air in the system ? I tried printing purge files

 >>  with little or no success.
 >>  How does air in the system affect print quality? Obviously, if there is
 >>  a big leak and one tube is empty, there is a problem..
 >>  but I am talking about tiny air bubbles or air at the print heads.
 >>  I keep printing nozzle check patterns and they come back ' clean', but
 >>  still there are color shifts.
 >>  Could it be that there is still original  Epson ink in the cartridge
 >>  (after 3-4 resetting cycles) that is causing the trouble ?
 >>  How long , if ever, would it take to get rid of all the unwanted Epson
 >>  ink in the system ?

 >>  thanks,

 >>  Wolf Hoffmann
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