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Re: gen 4 metamerism

<x-charset iso-8859-1>> I have not noticed any change in the metamerism effect of Generations inks
> over time.  All my prints look more magenta in tungsten and more green in
> daylight --- all the time.
> Perhaps the color of your daylight is inconsistent?  Skylight is much much
> more blue than direct sunlight.  Also, there might be large green trees
> reflecting light through some of your windows but not others.  Some
> may turn more yellow as it reflects off blinds or paint on the wall.  I
> think y'all get the idea.

I was viewing the prints in morning light (9am), and yes, the colour
temperature of daylight seems to make the most  difference. I viewed the
same prints in early afternoon (same room, in both direct sun and indirect
daylight) and the metamerism was more noticeable then.

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