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Re: Comparing Device Gamut with Photoshop6

In a message dated 8/8/01 12:13:37 AM, wirem@home.com writes:

>I think CDT's point here might be that even though what's being shown looks
>like a CAT scan, the interior is not a representation of how in-gamut color
>will appear (because the Lab space can't convey this), and in this sense,
>shouldn't be literally viewed as a cross section of the space. For example,
>you might have a map that is labeled with the compass (NESW) and shows
>features of the terrain (North America exists west of Europe), but which
>doesn't convey meaningful distance relationships.

Worse still than the issue of where on the continent pumpkin orange or lemon 
yellow is located, is what is done about that big hole between, say, pea 
green and forrest green, and that overlap between purple and violet... in 
other words much of what make a profile effective is the hole and overlap 
corrections, and I can't imagine how those would be visually represented so 
that they could be understood.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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