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Re: Problems profiling 6 colour printers? (WAS: A new myth > Rant)

<x-charset iso-8859-1>On Fri, 3 Aug 2001 14:35:56 -0700,
Steve Upton <upton@chromix.com>, wrote:

<big snip>
> I described it a while back in relation to an octopus marionette.
> Strange, late-night ramblings I know but I hope I shed a little light
on it.

Thanks for this clear explanation Steve: your 'ramblings' are very
welcome. Your post gives a useful insight into how profiles, and the
software that builds and utilises them, actually work.

Could you recommend a book or web reference on profile internals? The
standard ICC web site stuff is too dry and formal for me: what I'd like
to see is something along the lines of what you've written, with some
diagrams to help visualise these 3D tables and what's in them.

BTW I'm looking forward to ChroMix releasing the Windows version of the
ColorThink tools, so I can see inside profiles for myself and make more
sense of all this stuff...


Alan Rew

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