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Repost: A new dumb question?!


You all have been in this situation: you show friends, customers, etc. a
beautiful photograph you have made. "Ooh! Aah!" they say. "What camera (or
film, or lens) did you use?" I used to tell them that I put a nice fresh
roll of Tri-X on the table and told the camera that I would get it a CLA
from the late Marty Forscher if it would only do the shoot for me, but it
never even moved!

Now they have started (I kid thee not) to ask, "What PRINTER did you use?"
When I tell them, "Inkjet," they tell me that THEIR printer can't make
pictures like that. I am NOT flattered, but maybe my Epsons are. Perhaps I
will offer them a nice flush cartridge and a complete Windexing if they will
shoot the job for me. Serve that damn ingrate Nikon bloody right too!


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