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Re: The epson chip

--- wparsons@evergreeninvestments.com wrote:
> I'm getting 30 8x10's per color cart (Epson 1270)
> and about 100 per black.
> I figure that's $1 per print.  Is the problem from
> running a cart dry worth
> more than that?
> Bill

You make a good point.  The people screaming the
loudest about how Epson is ripping us off (not so much
on this list, but check out the printer forum on
DPReview sometime) seem to have forgotten just how
cheap prints are compared to going to a photo lab.

Using your numbers, and being conservative with the
amount of ink left after resetting, suppose one
chooses to make 5 more prints after the color cart
reads "empty." That's a savings of about 5 cents a
print.  Hardly worth getting bent out of shape about.

Bob Meyer
Don't ask me why I sing this song, everything you think you know is wrong...


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