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Re: RGB vs CMYK was "A new myth"

Hi Laurie S. The reason not to send CMYK files to a non-RIP equipped
Epson printer is that they will be converted to RGB, then back to CMYK
again. This process does cause a loss of data.Data is lost because RGB
has a larger color gamut than CMYK. Every time you go from RGB to CMYK
the gamut is reduced from the millions of colors of RGB to the number of
colors you are able to produce on a specific paper using a specific
inkset on a specific press or printer. The biggest distinction that
needs to be made is the difference between CMYK in the press useage and
CMYK in inkjet useage. The whole management of CMYK for press output is
a science unto itself, and my hat is off to those who have mastery of
it. I do agree that it would be nice if we knew what CMYK choices were
being made in the inkjet conversion, and why, but this is different than
pre press CMYK in terms of specific techincal issues. I guess knowing
these paramaters of the CMYK conversion is the essence of Profiling, eh?
I just had to throw that in, living just North of Canada in Michigan. Paul
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