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Paper info for the FAQ GET OFF YOUR DUFFS!

WE all want more details on what Inks work with which papers, but extremely few of you actually report back your results.  This results, no pun intended, in lack of depth to the FAQ's PAPER TABLE information.  Since I spent the many hours putting that table together I've not received one email saying Paper XYZ works great with Gen 4 inks if you make a profile, otherwise it's dogmeat.

I don't post information into the table from only 1 or 2 users.  But if there is a consensus I will dutifully put the observationms in there!

Would some of you please post to the _list_ how your individual paper experiments have worked out?  I am also interested in how difficult a paper is to profile.

One paper I've tried to Zero in on to no great success is the Konica Glossy, it appears that the 1270 will print great on this paper and the ink doesn't continue to bleed well into the paper over the next few months.  Many other users of non Epson Lightfast ink have reported the image to blur/bleed over that same time.


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