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RE: tweaking Profiles

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Kevin Gallagher Wrote:
> I've recently added the 1280 to allow more flexibility but I've noticed an
> overall darker look and a slight bluish cast to the whites (am using the
> 1290 profiles on the 1280 printer). My question is can I somehow
> "tweak" or
> edit the profile to correct this problem.

Are you using Photoshop 6, and if so, looking at the RGB soft proof before
you print? If your monitor is profiled accurately (read hardware-based
profile), and the printer profile is accurate, you should see that blue cast
on screen and be able to adjust for it. Some of Epson's canned profiles work
better for this than others.

To actually edit the profile and create a new one, you'll need ColorVision's
Doctor Pro. Personally, I would spend the money on Profiler RGB or Monaco
EZColor (2.0) and roll your own profiles instead.

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