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RE: Mitsubishi 900u

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Helene wrote: "Is anybody using the Mitsubishi 900u monitor?  Any comments
would be

I am. If you calibrate your monitor, you should be aware that this model
does not have control of the individual R,G,B guns. Also, I've had mine for
only 15 months and had been calibrating with ProveIt which does not report
on luminance. I just switched to Photocal with Spyder which does give you a
luminance reading and the result was far lower than I think it should be for
a just slightly over a one year old monitor. I forget exactly what it was,
but in the 40's somewhere.

On the other hand, the display is crisp and once I used the usb monitor
settings panel downloaded from the Mitbubishi web site the geometry etc is
quite good. I also like that it is powered usb hub; I have found this very

Actually I have a question for the monitor gurus among us. Is a luminance in
the 40's an expected reading for a 15 month -old monitor?


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