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Re: Developing Digital Pictures at Costco

Sounds too good to be true and may be because even if you build a profile 
in your printer it won't do any good unless the system printing your image 
uses it to remap colors to the printing space.  

Another option, at least for the short term is to make the necessary 
changes to the image and save the corrected image to the smart media or 
compact flash card/micro drive...whichever you have.  With the camera 
attached via the USB port, you can treat the storage device on the camera 
just like another hard drive.  Once the perfected image is stored, take it to 
Costco and have them print it. 

Michael Plack
>Why not "profile" Costco? Send 'em the ProfilerRGB target file, scan 
>the print they send back, and build a profile from that.
>Bob Tyson

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