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Re: sending large picture files on aol

At 02:27 PM 7/23/01 -0400, Vincent Cayenne wrote:

[rafe b:]
>>b.) ZIPing or STUFing an unnamed file does't solve
>>the naming problem, does it?

>Just to be facetious - I wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to 
>even CREATE an "unnamed" file far less to ZIP/Stuff it! If it had no 
>name, would it even have a naming problem?
>More reasonably, the particular message you're quoting had nothing 
>whatsoever to do with naming issues.
[rafe b]
>>AFAIK, MIME encoding doesn't give hoot what kind of
>>file it's encoding.

>The point being?

I'm not sure if I'm responding to you or to Mr. 
Tobie.  Seemed to me there was an implication or 
suggestion that Zipping, or Stuffit-compressing a 
file (JPG or TIFF) prior to sending it via email, 
offered some sort of protection for that file -- 
protection for those special "resource fork" items 
that Mac files have and PC files don't.

That's the specific notion that I'm arguing against,
and that's why I made the point about MIME.

The PC user obviously won't have the benefit of 
those "resource fork" items, but that's not because 
they were lost in the mail... 

Like I say -- I've been exchanging graphics files 
with Mac users, via email, for quite some time, 
with no problems.

I admit to (blissful) ignorance of AOL-specific issues.

rafe b.

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