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Re: How can I darken skin highlights only in PS?

CDTobie@aol.com writes:

> In a message dated 7/23/01 1:45:34 AM, arwbackup@worldnet.att.net writes:
> >Is there a blending mode or a quick masking technique I can use to bnng
> >down only the brightest parts of skin tones?  Like you would get with hot
> >flash?  I find myself needing to fix a few images where the background
> >was dark and the person too light.  Most of the skin tone is fine, but
> >the highlights are too bright.  Multiply seems to affect the brighter parts
> >less than I want.
> Find that tone in the master curve, and work from there to adjust it.

That's best, if you can do it.  It's more likely to work for
highlights, too.  

The last time I had a related problem, it was was with some beard
shadow and such.  I ended up selecting the parts of the picture
including the beard shadow, making a new layer of them, then using
color range masking to select (on the new layer) the problem areas,
and then used levels on the masked parts of the new layer.  When I got
it right I merged it back down.  (It was a B&W picture, but the menu
item is still called 'color range').
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