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Re: Lot's of updates to web my web site

--- mrkeene@home.com wrote:
> Bob,
> Regarding the 'purples' - 
> If you are referring to the patches at C7 and D7 on
> the scanned
> example labeled "Fuji\CC", what is displayed on the
> PGPP,1270, Control
> is for closer to correct than the Fuji. 
> Make sure your color settings, for the purposes of
> comparison, for
> CMYK are set to US Web Coated SWOP.
> If you will pull the Fuji and your Master image into
> PS and set your
> Color Sampler to display both RGB and CMYK and
> compare the difference
> in the numbers, you will see that the Fuji is way
> too Cyan on the
> 'Magenta' (C7 & D7, 47 and 60 points respectively)
> patches. The 'Reds'
> also suffer from this as well, to a lesser extent.
> While, this
> 'Purple' may be a pleasing color to see, it is not
> what you would want
> output to the printer for these RGB or CMYK numbers.


I don't think you can make any judgements about the
numbers you get from your monitor.  First, the colors
I see on my monitor don't really reflect the actual
print, because my scanner is less than accurate.  And
those images don't have any profiles imbedded in them,
so what you get on your monitor may be off from what I


Bob Meyer
Don't ask me why I sing this song, everything you think you know is wrong...


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