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Epson Luster Paper and Archival Ink

Has anyone used the Epson Luster paper with any inks (specifically Cone's
archival color ink) on the Epson 1280/1270?  If so, how does that compare
with the Epson inks?   Most of the ink suppliers indicate that the archival
inks (pigment) do not work well with glossy paper.  Since the Luster is a
glossy paper (that is textured) I wondered.   I don't want to spend $350
(CIS + Ink) to test Cone's system only to find the results unsatisfactory.
I looked at his web site, and the samples you can purchase do not list the
Epson Luster paper as a sample.

 I am pleased with the Epson inks as far as color and quality on the Luster
paper, but would like an ink that lasts longer.  These prints are for sale
as portraits - currently each given with a color fast caveat and dire
warnings of displaying in sunlight.

I have tried to keep scanning the digest, but haven't seen any references
to this combination.

Mark B. Watson

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