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sending large picture files on aol

<x-charset ISO-8859-1>Subject: sending large picture files on aol

IF I am not mistaken, Compuserve has a 500K limit on file sizes that can be
sent and since AOL and CServe are now about the same, maybe the same
limitation exists?

You don't provide any info on image format and resoulution.

I'm on a Win98 SE system so I can't really relate to MAC systems, but in
Windows there is a backup function that allows large files to be spilt into
smaller parts. Check out Cnet or ZDnet for MAC utilities that do the same
and send it in 2 parts. You would have to put it back together on your end
and as I remember, it is automatic, at least with Win backup.

You also can try to zip/compress it although graphics files don't compress
very well, but it may be enough to get it under the 500K?

Sounds like someone at AOL has no idea of what they are talking about and
why does that not surprise me?

Warmest Regards,
Carl Grohs, Jr.    Design Directions    Eden, NC
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