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Re: How fast is your 1270 printer?

In a message dated 7/22/01 9:26:49 PM, rsmith@unb.ca writes:

<<  I just printed the Photodisk target at 7x10 inches and 360 
ppi (25.2 MB) on my 1270 (Mac G4/450, USB hub, Background Printing 
on). It took 15 seconds to spool and 10:53 to print.
    I used 1440 dpi and High Speed off, but with the Automatic 
setting. I don't know if that makes any difference. >>

I did a test tonight. using a 15mb test file, printed to 8x10 took 5.5 
seconds to spool and 11:17 to print.  This was on a Mac Power Center Pro with 
a 450mhz G3 card.  The spooling drives are a stripped pair of Seagate 
Cheetahs.  I was also able to print the same file to the 1270 and to an 870 
at the same time.  The 1270 took 11:25 to print and the 870 took 12:40 while 
both printers were printing simultaniously.
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