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Re: Lot's of updates to web my web site

<x-charset Windows-1252>RE: 1270 and Purple problems.

From: <PhotoRoy6@aol.com>
> I can create really nice purples on my 1270 prints. Perhaps your
results are
> due to the monitor "failure" people complain about so often.

I can get some great purples with my 1270 also.  I'm using the MIS
Lightfast inks with their CFS.

One thing I have noticed is that there will be pretty significant
differences in the purple I see on the monitor and the purple I get on
the print.  Most other colors are about as close as one can expect
from a monitor/print comparison, but the purples are always cooler and
a little deeper on my prints - the monitor shows more red/pink.

ns.htm  is an example of an image I get better prints from than it
shows on screen.  I'll probably tweak the web image to reflect the
actual print better, since I like the prints much better.  It's a
small price to pay.

--James Hill

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