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Re: Rafe: removing CIS

<x-charset Windows-1252>  Am I missing something here?  Admittedly, I have not been following this
thread.  However, if you crimped the lines BEFORE pulling the cartridge(s)
the ink would not migrate at all and you would have no need to get rid of
any air pockets (unless left over very long periods of time.)  I've done
this with no problem (1160 CIS.)  Also, if air pockets do appear in your
lines, the easiest way to eliminate them is to pull ink through the lines by
attaching a smaller needle/syringe to the line itself and drawing ink
through till no air pockets are left.  Then crimp and attach to the modified
carts.  If your 20 gauge needle (blunted of course :) isn't of large enough
circumference just press it around he line a bit with your finger to 'seal'
it temporarily.  I've done this several times with no problems.
  Again, I could be missing the whole point of your conversation since I've
not been following it.


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> Rafe,
> I've removed my MIS continuous flow system repeatedly and find that if you
> put the cartridge upside down on the output paper tray it will neither
> nor dump back into the bottles very much.

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