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OT: index sheet app for PC users

Off Topic: This is for PC users only (we Mac users have other apps, but I 
wanted to do a good deed for you PC people who have posted in the past asking 
about indexing apps. I haven't used it, just passing on the info)

go here:
<A HREF="http://www.computerarts.co.uk/downloads/2d/plugins.asp?page=7";>

Web page info:
This handy time-saver automatically generates PhotoCD index sheets. 
Simple and labour-saving, this useful plug-in actually attaches itself to 
your Photoshop Import menu and enables you to generate thumbnail catalogues 
of your PhotoCDs. You can specify the output target (such as a CD case 
insert) and the program will scale and adjust each page to fit. 
It takes each image at a resolution of 192x128 and automatically arranges 
them on a sheet according to your specification. It recognises default media 
sizes (CD backs and fronts), and you can make adjustments for the output 
resolution and even the whiteness of the card that you'll be printing on. 
You can specify whether or not each image is numbered, and if so, using what 
font. It's a simple plug-in that does a basic-but-needed job well. 
Frog Enterprises [www.best.com/~gdavis/pcdip]
PC, Photoshop 3 and compatible.

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