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Re: 1160 help

This was discussed extensively on the piezo list. In a nutshell it can be two

1) The level of ink in botlles is too high wrt to head; If bottles are filled
more than 3/4 full, raise printer about 1/2 inch until level goes down.

2) after many prints you need to press paper feed button for 5 seconds, sending
head to left. Unplug printer. Work a 2 inch wide paper towel or photo-wipe
(DRY!!!) under head(you can put lever on "+" to get it under, then put back on
"0"). After it is under head, put some drops of windex on it. Now wipe head back
and forth across towel or swipe towel across head, either way. Repeat if
nessecary. Clean up any ink on grey rollers, plug printer back in. May need to
run one or two cleaning cycles.

This works very well on my 1160/CIS/piezo. Please see the piezo archive or
e-mail tech-support at cone editions. They have a page of procedure ready to
send back to you on this topic.

Andy D'Angelo wrote:

> After a year of flawless operation my 1160; with Piezography CIS, has
> decided to act wierd and I cannot figgure out what may be wrong. Initially I
> thought there was air in the lines as I was not getting good nozzle checks ,
> but after replacing carts and refilling the bottles the problem has not gone
> away and now it seems to puddle large amts. of ink on the page. I have tried
> numerous cleaning cycles to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated
> Andy

Jim Hayes

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