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Re: which printer?

Good question.  Although the 1270 and 2000P certainly look similar it's
hard to justify the price difference on just the ink cartridges.  Its also
hard to see how there would be much difference in the firmware/driver.  I
imagine the profiles could be very different but the masic driver software
seems like it ought to be the same or at least very similar.  One very
small sample of data is that I've seen B&W prints using just the black ink
from both the 1270 and 2000P.  I've got the 1270 and a friend has the 2000P.
Anyway I thought his 2000P black only prints were quite a bit more
acceptable than my 1270 black only prints.  This was mainly an issue of the
dot visibility.  They both had visible dots but the 2000P seemed less
obvious.  So better quality heads would explain it.

I'd like to know if these difference carry over to the 7000 series.  The
7500 is quite a bit more expensive than the 7000, but I haven't seen any
stated differences except the inks.  However the ink prices don't seem to
account for the printer price differences.  So what gives??


Jerry Olson wrote:
> So this means you could use the pigmented epson ink in a CIS system in
> the 1270/80. (just decant it from the 7500 cartridges).
> I was told the heads in the 2000P were of better quality than the
> 1270/80. What is the high price of the 2000P for if its the same printer
> as the others? There must be something about it that's different.
> Jerry
> Bob Meyer wrote:
> > Jerry Olson wrote:
> > > >
> > > > The 2000P isn't based on the 1270, but the 7500,
> > > and 9500. The dots are
> > > > nowhere near as fine as the 1270 or 1280. Much
> > > more like the 1160. Colored
> > > > prints are brilliant, but you can't get acceptable
> > > black and white prints
> > > > with this printer.
> >
> > The only thing the 2000P has in common with the
> > 7500/9500 is that they all use encapsulated pigment
> > inks.  The 2000P is built on the same chassis, uses
> > the same case (except for color) and controls, the
> > same size ink carts (you can swap them between the two
> > models, although I doubt they'd work), the same
> > cartridge chps, etc.  Even the chip reset procedure
> > works on the 2000P.
> >
> > Other than heads and firmware, the 1270 and 2000P are
> > pretty much identical.
> >
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> > Bob Meyer
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