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Re: A decent archival dye ink!

> At 10:46 AM 5/15/2001 -0700, Dan wrote:
>> Well yes, unfortunately I phrased that wrong.  The lack of documentation I
>> was referring to is the *country* of origin - as in Mad Cow Disease infected
>> countries.  US demand exceeds US supply and gelatin has not (to my
>> knowledge) been on of list of food products that are tracked by source.  If
>> only we could render dead people instead of waste all that valuable resource
>> we wouldn't have to import!
> But since Mad Cow disease resulted from cannibalism in cattle (via cattle
> feed made from cattle remains), mightn't gelatin made from dead people
> cause Mad People disease?
> Stan

Hmmm - wasn't thinking of making Jello out of them - rather spreading the
rendered gelatin over paper an printing fine Epson art on it.  An honorable
use for one's honored ancestors.  Waste not, want not.


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