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Re: Monaco Sensor

>>I had a terrible experience with Monaco!
>>Tech support was friendly but did not know what they were doing. They ask
>>you to send sample profiles never can find it and ask you again.  Even
>>Fed-X letter with signed deliver to the president and they claim they
>>never received it!
>>They promised an arrangement but lied and never followed it.
>>I gave up on them and bought the ColorVison Spyder with OptiCal and
>  >Profiler RGB. Great software and company.

Thanks for the info. I purchased the Sensor over the phone because 
they offered me discount based on the local N.A.P.P. show (that I 
couldn't attend). It arrived on time, but wouldn't work. I e-mailed 
them my problem and 5 hours later they replied with an answer. Plus 
they attached a missing Extension that was part of EZcolor v1.6 (I 
was using 1.5 for compatibility reasons). I have had my share of 
problems with many companies, but at least this time Monaco was just 

And, when I previously updated to v1.6, they offered to fix the 
profiles that wouldn't work when using Mac OS 9. They did this on 
their own time and within 1 day. So my experience has been quite good.

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