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re: A decent archival dye ink!

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I may be way off here, but it was my impression the IRIS printers have a extra color or two.  Green and orange I understand.

Those extra inks could change things dramatically.


 >>  And evidently the specific printer and/or formulation for said
 >>  printer. According to the Wilhelm report of June, 2000:

 >>  AIJ Pinnacle gold Epson Inks for the Epson 9000

 >>  Pinnacle Gold Enhance watercolor = 36-40 years
 >>  Arches Cold Press Paper = 28-30 years
 >>  Somerset Velvet Paper = 8-10 years

 >>  Whereas,

 >>  AIJ Pinnacle gold ink Iris Inkset

 >>  Pinnacle Gold Enhance watercolor = 22-26 years
 >>  Arches Cold Press Paper = 60-70 years
 >>  Somerset Velvet Paper = 65-75 years

 >>  Add to this the uncertainty of environmental issues and it becomes
 >>  totally impossible to predict what the life of any ink/paper
 >>  combination is likely to achieve.

 >>  The only generalizations I've been able to come to are, pigments last
 >>  longer than dyes, look to Bob and others for papers that don't change
 >>  color or flake and test-test-test.
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