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Re: Archival Matte: Any old stock available without the watermark?

> You know me by now, Dan.  If there's a high road and
> a low road, I'll always take the latter.
> And (speaking of class) given a choice of Claude
> Monet or Diego Rivera, I'll always take the latter.
> rafe b.


> On the other hand, if I hear really hot licks on a guitar
> piece, I listen and enjoy it.  It never crosses my mind to
> wonder whether the instrument is a Gibson, or Fender, or
> whatever.  Course, I probably got no taste at all.  8(
> bob snow

Hey guys -- I don't have any class either, really I don't, honest!!  - just
have a kinky fetish for lush rich paper rather than commercial grade or
plasticy stuff.   Although sometimes the plasticy stuff has its own virtues.
I wear starched classical cotton shirts and slacks to work but technical
nylon when I'm hiking in the mountains (where "cotton kills" is often a
valid phrase).  I've even been known to wear polyester underwear (but never
never dirty underwear).

Dan :-)

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