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Re: which printer?

> Hej,
> The smaller dots on the 3000 are through the "Microdot" setting. the larger
> of the dots printable on the 3000 are selected by the "Microweave" seting.
> The microdot mode is availabe when the 14410x720-dpi paper or glossy film is
> selected. Perhaps this will make a 3000 OK for the application.
> Bob Burke

Hmmm - I don't see "microdot" anywhere in my 3000 driver (Macintosh
version).  There is Microweave and Super Microweave, Fine Dithering, Coarse
Dithering, and Error Diffusion but no "microdot"  anywhere.  Is it somewhere
in the printer's internal settings rather than the driver?  Or is it that
the PC term for the "Finest Detail" selection that is only selectable when
720 is chosen but grayed at the 1440/720 setting?

Dan Culbertson

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