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which printer?

I'm in the process of deciding which printer to buy and I am hoping
that someone can help me.

I need a printer that can print 16x20 fine-art prints like giclee
prints. I've compared print quality at
http://www.tssphoto.com/sp/dg/news/dot_comp.html and I think I've come
to the conclusion that there is no epson with newer technology that
will print 16x20.

The 3000 seems to be close but apparently it is a "type 1" as
categorized by that website with big dots (6pl?). But what I've read
isn't quite clear on what technology the 3000 uses. Is it really the
same technology as the 1520 with the large dots? The 1280 seems to be
the quality I want, but doesn't print that large. Does anyone know of
a printer (under $1000) that combines the quality of the 1280 and will
do 16x20? Is there any new epson about to be released that might do

Thanks for any help!


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