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Re: Lightning/Power/UPS discussion

<x-charset iso-8859-1>It seems that whether the phone surge arrestor is a separate box or in the
same box as the power surge arrestor, the phone and power surge arrestors
are different units.  Are you saying that the extra few feet of wire in the
path to the house wiring ground makes a lot of difference?

Bruce Roorda
Possum Hill Farm

Bertho Boman wrote:

> That is not a good idea!
> By separately grounding the phone line to a different surge protector, two
> different current paths exists for a transient and that surge current can
> flow through the computer.  Therefore a combined, good quality combination
> much safer.
> (I make my living designing stuff like this).
> Bertho Boman
> ====================
> > Get a separate surge arrestor for the phone line, don't depend on one
> > into your power surge arrestor.

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