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Re: Profiling Procedure

In a message dated 5/6/01 3:38:02 PM, boman@vinland.com writes:

>How in the world can that not be a black and white clear-cut answer?
>Where can we get an exact answer?  Does anyone have a contact at Epson
>that could give definite answers?

The ICC standards are open; this makes them flexible, and nonproprietary. It 
also means that no one is responsible for them. So old deadwood accumulates, 
and different avenues are developed to do the same, or similar things. If you 
would like color management to be simplified for you, sending a check for 
several thousand dollars to a proprietary system company will get you an easy 
to use, carefully designed system that will only use that company's 
components, and will offer you the one stop tech support and guaranteed 
answers you are looking for... well almost. If you had chosen Aurelon for 
this duty, you would be out of luck as they recently went bankrupt; if you 
had chosen LinoColor you would be restricted to Lino scanners, and would 
still be waiting for full Photoshop compatability. Life is full of 
compromises! The siginficant virtues of the open ICC format, is that is 
supports a huge range of software and hardware at assorted pricepoints, the 
basic architecture is free, and no one can control what software and hardware 
you chose to purchase now or later.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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