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Subject: mis vs piezo

<x-charset iso-8859-1>"...has anyone used both the mis quad/hex tone inksets and cone's setup? If
what is your opinion on the relative merits of each?"

Yes I have tested both inks side by side...  You didn't mention what kind of
printer you are using.  If it has a small droplet like the 1160 or 1270 then
the Cone software is unnecessary from the point of view of minimizing a
dither pattern...  Then we can discuss the merits of each.

Cone inks seem to have a deeper, blacker bottom end.  On Epson Archival
Matte the better black is noticeable.  The tone of the Cone inks is
decidedly warmer however... some say almost brown in tone.

The price difference is substantial... If price is no object and you like
warm tones then the choice would probably be the Cone inks....for the better
bottom end...  If you are printing with an older printer with larger
droplets (ESC 3000) again the Cone system makes sense.

If you create a Transfer Curve for the MIS inks (See my website, click
tutorials), you can improve the bottom end and create a seamless grayscale
ramp using any paper and the results make it darn hard to justify the Cone

Jerry Nevins


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